Wednesday, April 16, 2008

The perils of brand extension

You can see the corner the One-Pie company has painted itself into. Their canned pumpkin puree was such a hit, the public demanded more. But how could the One-Pie company sell a two-pie can? Imagine the angst in the creative department. Finally, somebody came up with that yellow circle with a message. In the biz we call it a splash.

The splash says "NEW! 2 PIE SIZE."

I had to show you. I saved the can to use for a pencil holder and I carry it around with me everywhere I go.


  1. David, this pumpkin is the best you can get in a can. I just made a pie from it. I'm sure it makes a nice pencil can as well. Rob

  2. To make a long story short, the shortest distance between two points may be a straight line but in this story there’s a lot of distance between those two points. Economy of prose or is it poetry?

  3. One-Pie brings back memories of my Grandmother's amazing baking which usually involved her own homemade pie fillings but in a pinch she relied on the can!

    May I suggest that the one pie/one can concept became two pies because in reality the one-can made a very shallowing filled pie crust - that with a 10" pie plate this two pie size may fit perfectly! (So in reality two-pie may even be truly One-Pie!) :-)


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