Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Poem: The Names We Took

Slow Turtle, Sitting Bull, I envy you no more.
These are the names that we took:
Garden of Trees, Almond Leaf, Shooting Star,
Grapeleaf, Grapevine, Grapeblossom,
He-Who-Prunes-Vines and He-Who-Sells Wine,
a River of Wine, Wine Glass, Goblet, White Cloth,
Grain-Grinder, Bread, the Guest-to-Whom-Wine-Is-Served,
Gift of Wine, A Field of Corn, Shining Corn,
White Bread, Son of the Earth, Petals of Stone,
Little Flower, Big Mountain, Silver Nail,
Silver Ingot, and Gold, Always Gold,
A Flood of Gold, A Brook of Gold,
He-Who-Fishes-for-Gold, A Grove of Gold,
A Roomful of it, its Shine, its Joy, its Clang,
its Grumble.


  1. Hey Grapevine!
    Nice going! Thoroughly enjoyed this colorful compilation of Jewish creativity! What a heritage...

  2. Hey Grapevine -
    Nice going! Fascinating and colorful tribute to your Jewish heritage - a royal portrait


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