Sunday, October 30, 2011

While you're waiting for me, a poem by Marcus Bales

Thank you, Marcus. Guilty as charged. Stay tuned.

Villanelle: Waiting for Hungry

"I will write here every day, and there will be only one excuse for not blogging, and that will be writing poetry" – David Weinstock,

David promised he would speak
A little every single day
But we've been waiting for a week.

He'll probably say I've got some cheek
To chide him like a child this way:
David promised he would speak.

His backlog's big -- a little tweak
Of something old would be okay
Since we've been waiting for a week.

I know he isn't really meek:
He's slashed me like a limp fillet,
When David promised he would speak.

I hope he's on a writing streak,
And too intent for mere display --
But we've been waiting for a week!

Perhaps there'll be a little leak
On Facebook -- we can only pray,
Since David promised he would speak.

Our present prospects still seem bleak:
After all, he gets no pay;
But David promised he would speak --
And we've been waiting for a week.


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