Friday, January 5, 2007

I can eat, or I can blog

The other day I read the book that Julie Powell wrote based on her year of blogging her way through Julia Child's "Mastering the Art of French Cooking." The book is funny and profane and generally inspiring. I'm sure it will launch a thousand blogs.

But a year of French cooking not only made Julie Powell famous, it also made her gain weight. And I don't need to gain weight. I need to lose weight. In fact, I need to lose just about half of my body weight.

I am a writer by inclination and profession. I use my writing to figure stuff out. Ordinarily I only write about things that interest me, or things I am being paid to write about. Weight loss isn't either of those, but I think I've got to spend some time writing about it or I'm never going to make sense of my life.

So today, January 5, 2007, I am setting up this online diary for myself. I will use it, I think, in many ways. One of them will be to keep my family and friends informed about my progress. Another will be to give me something absorbing to do at moments when I might otherwise just go entertain myself by eating.

I've got to say that this is embarrassing to the max. I hate talking about my weight; I hate listening to anybody else talk about their weight. It is my least favorite subject in the world. Even when I was slim -- more than half my life -- I hated weight talk and dieting talk. More on that -- much more -- and on every other topic -- to come.

So here we go. Watch if you want, comment if you want. I'm going from 304 lbs. to 154 lbs. in front of your very eyes. I don't know how long it's going to take, but this isn't optional anymore and I have to begin immediately and continue in a way that I can't give up on. I've tried most everything else.


  1. I love you, honey. Brilliant. Waiting for tomorrow's entry.

    Your adoring fan, who happens, coincidentally, to be married to you --


  2. I am a friend who knows you from the thin part of your life. I never knew you to be overweight. I, however, have always been overweight and am also in the throes of a more intense effort to lose weight than I have ever made before. After all, at 54, it's time. How many old people who are fat does one ever see?

    I don't use the scale to measure success because I hate it. I prefer to use my waist size as measured by a trusty belt. This belt has holes from previous attempts to shrink, and holes from the unfortunate tendency to expand. It represents a kind of history.

    I also know my rolls of belly fat well enough not even to need a belt to tell how I am doing. I focus on a given roll and I can feel it shrink as I make progress. But then, when the roll has essentially vanished, it is as though my body reconfigures itself and another roll, or rolls, appear in their turn. I am shrinking, but I have so much less to be.

    I know what you mean about finding this topic -- distasteful. However, avoiding the topic does not appear to make the weight go away. So applause for your blog.

  3. Do you have a plan? HOW are you going to go about doing this?


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